Déjà Vu

    Last Friday evening I went to a high school football game, as I do most Fridays in the Autumn.  I had paid the $3.00 parking fee and as I was getting out of my car in the parking lot I glanced up at the sky and had the strongest Déjà Vu feeling – – –

   A hot, humid Friday evening in September two years ago at another nearby school parking lot looking up at the sky at a giant ominous black cloud directly over the stadium surrounded by brilliant sunshine.  I’m thinking: “Oh oh!  Perhaps it would be wise to take my umbrella with me.”  Inconvenient, yes – having my camera bag to drag along also – but I prefer to take my showers unclothed in my bathroom, not outdoors fully dressed.  🙂

   So, I paid my admission and found a perch at the highest row of the stadium.  It was a half hour before kickoff and Florida sports crowds being  notorious for late arrival, there were only twenty or so people in the stands.

    I had only been seated for a few minutes when I felt some raindrops on my head, shoulders and knees.  In instants it seemed, just as my umbrella was fully open, a few drops became a mighty deluge.  Everyone but me and one other wise man with an umbrella not far away rushed, thoroughly soaked, to the shelter under the stands. With no wind the rain was falling in torrents straight down, leaving we two sitting in our small cylinders beneath umbrellas, completely dry.

   The rain lasted just a few minutes.  Then sunshine returned, as did the people to the now very wet stands.  I, of course, nice and dry,was feeling quite superior – it certainly pays to come prepared!

    It took just a few minutes before the smug smile left my face.  I began to feel a little dampness below and in seconds my rear was soaked!  The stands are metal AND GROOVED!  It had taken only moments for the water in the groves to fill up the vacuum beneath me.  😦

   Thus, glancing at a large ominous black cloud over the stadium last Friday night, that eerie Déjà Vu hit me.  Naturally I took my umbrella with me, but this time determined to head for beneath the stands with the rest of the people should history repeat itself.

   However, despite the dark cloud overhead it remained dry prior to kickoff and right through the end of the first quarter – even though it was so humid that it felt like if one closed a fist and squeezed then warm water would seep between one’s fingers.

   But as the teams lined up for the first play of the second quarter a loud siren began – notice that there was major lightning in the vicinity – and the public address announcer ordered everybody to leave the metal stadium.  By law, there would be a minimum 30 minute delay until an all clear signal permitted renewal of the game.  I decided to leave.  I had no desire to wait around that long or longer – so I went to my car and headed home.

   On my way I decided to stop for groceries – bad idea – it was raining heavily as I left the supermarket, and I got soaked sprinting to my car.  It turned out that the game was not resumed that night.  It was completed on Saturday.








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