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Video – Marching Band

It has been quite some time since I have bored ya with a marching band video – heehee – well no good thing lasts forever!!

I attended a high school football game last Friday in Cooper City, a small city (pop. 35,000) immediately north of Pembroke Pines.  As in most games I attend, I made a video of the halftime show as well as several plays, and also take still photos.

The marching band was making its first home game performance of the season, so they were not quite as sharp as they will be later in the season.

This band is one of the better ones in South Florida.  In fact they have been invited to march in the News Years Parade in London, England on New Years Day 1918 – quite an honor!

Here is a YouTube video produced by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper covering the visit of Lord Robert Davis, Deputy Mayor of the City of Westminster, of Greater London, who made the formal invitation.




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Pictures and Video Post – October 22, 2013

Again, it has been awhile since the last post – still not much exciting ’round these parts – but I have been out and about with my camera.

Presidential Circle1Office Building at Presidential Circle in Hollywood.  Building is located on one of the many traffic circles (roundabouts) in Hollywood.  The city designer had spent time in England and had become enamored with roundabouts.  About a half century ago a military high school was located in the circle.

Presidential Circle2

Close-up of giant American Flag located in the center atrium of the building.

RoundaboutHeehee…..  😉  We have roundabouts in Pembroke Pines also!

LitterDisgusting litter in a tree and shrub hidden spot about two meters (12 ft.) below the Florida Turnpike in Hollywood.  I took this photo by sticking my camera into a small opening in the shrubs hiding the lower level.

Meat ThermometerI replaced my ruined instant meat thermometer – same brand but much cheaper price. This time I will be sure to pay attention to the warning at lower left.

Practice XP2Pregame extra point practice at recent football game.

Pembroke Pines 9-11 Memorial9-11 Memorial at City Center – Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines Veterans MemorialPembroke Pines Veterans Memorial, also at almost empty City Center.  The only commercial development to date can be seen in the distance at the right – new condos.

Super PickleSUPER PICKLE!!  A gift from ladies in my office many years ago.

Halloween-hHalloween decorations at a house nearby.

OvenMy next-door neighbor’s outdoor terra cotta oven.

———-  ———  ———-  ———-  ———-  ———  ———-  ———-

I have been attending football games (Pro, College and High School) since the 1950s, and until last Friday night I had never sat on the Visitors side of the field.  I was a bit bored by the one sided game, so I strolled around to the other side which was almost empty.  Here, the home team (MacArthur High) scores on a hand off to the running back (No. 4) who goes untouched around the left end.  I sort of felt left out with all the celebrating going on at the Home side.  The few visiting team fans were not amused.  The score was 21 – 0 in the 2nd quarter.  The visitors (Everglades High) did get the score to 21- 13, but eventually lost 28 – 13.

Incidentally, I’ve decided that in my next life I am going to be a drummer – it looks like so much fun!   😉

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High School Football Videos

I mentioned in the last post that I had attended a high School football game Friday night.  Mother Nature had finally turned off the rain spigot and gave us a beautiful evening.

The game was played at nearby Cooper City High School.  The visiting team was from Lexington, South Carolina, a suburb of Columbia, the state capital. It was a terrific game with lots of scoring.  Lexington High School won 41 – 34, much to the disappointment of the home folks.  But Cooper City had the ball in the final minute of the game with a chance to tie the score, so it was exciting to the end.  I took my video camera and was able to record a few good plays as well as the halftime show.

This one play I captured rarely occurs.  If you are a ball carrier, either in a running play, after catching catching a pass, or running back a kick, the first rule is: Protect the Ball!  Rule number two is: Protect the Ball.  Rule three is …. Well you get the idea!  😆

If you drop the ball it’s a free ball; the same if a defender knocks it out of your grip.  If you fumble it before your knee touches the ground while being tackled, it’s a free ball.  Thus, when a defender approaches you had better clutch the ball tightly and bring it in against your body.

In this play, the Lexington receiver makes a nice running catch of a long pass and takes off down the field dogged closely by a Cooper City defender.  While both are running at full speed  Cooper City player is both trying to tackle the runner, while simultaneously grabbing for the ball, which was not being well protected in obvious violation of Rules 1,2,3..etc.  The ball ends up in the defender’s hands, much to the joy of the home team.

Here’s a short scoring drive by the Lexington Wildcats in the 1st quarter.  The public address guy misidentified the scorer as Number 6.  I was actually Number 3. There were quite a few people from South Carolina sitting in the opposite visiting stands.

This is the Cooper City Cowboys’ first scoring drive, which was not quite so smoothly done — but the result is the same.

And finally – – Yea! – the fine Cooper City High School Marching Band halftime show!!!!

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A Busy Day

I actually got off my rear end and did more than the usual breathing, eating and sleeping this past Friday!

First, I baked a large loaf of Banana Bread.  Trés Yummy but it’s just a memory now.  😥

I’m real funny about bananas.  In spite of having a sweet tooth, I can’t stand the sickishly sweet taste of even a newly ripe banana.   I have sliced bananas in my cereal at least half the time, but they have to be almost green – still very firm and mild.  Once the skin of a banana becomes fully yellow it becomes a candidate for banana bread.  It gets mashed and put in a 2 cup Tupperware container in the freezer.  When enough is accumulated I defrost it and bake a loaf.

The aroma of baking banana bread permeates the entire house.  It’s almost as wonderful as apple pie, which wins because of cinnamon.

Second, I spent almost two hours ironing!   I don’t iron very much – because I don’t know how.  About the only item I’m fairly confident of doing an acceptable job on is a handkerchief.  I buy only wrinkle-free wash and wear shirts, shorts and trousers.  But even they, after many washings , eventually need a little touch up.

I suspect that a video of me ironing would go viral on YouTube – a true comedy sensation .  😆   But I have too much pride to display my inadequacy to the  World.  I pick up a shirt or a pair of cargo shorts and I frankly haven’t a clue.  I realize the purpose is to remove as many wrinkles as possible, keep creases in their proper location, and avoid scorch marks.  What escapes me is how one accomplishes those goals.

But, I am pleased that somehow, in spite of my inadequacy the garments do eventually look slightly better than they did when I removed them from the laundry basket.  🙄

Finally,  our daily downpour stopped somewhere around four o’clock and the rain stayed away long enough for me to attend a high school football game without getting drenched.

This year, our rainy season became a RAINY SEASON.  We’ve had over 80 inches of rain (203 centimeters) in the first nine months alone.  Our normal annual rainfall is around 60 inches.  London, England is considered a rainy place, but their average annual rainfall is around 29 inches.  I like rain, but enough is enough!  This is so crazy because most of the United States is experiencing the worst drought conditions since the Great Depression.

The game, Everglades High School (Miramar, FL) at Flanagan High School (Pembroke Pines, FL) was sort of Blah – Flanagan won 29 – 7.  I’ve attended four games this year and have yet to see a competitive game.  I keep hoping to be at a game in which the outcome is in doubt in the fourth quarter.

A bit of useless trivia – – – Flanagan High School which opened in 1996 was the first public high school within Pembroke Pines’ city limits.  Today, there are quite a few more.  At the time that it opened the city of Pembroke Pines was the fastest growing city in the United States.  Its population grew from 65,000 in 1990 to over 154,000 in the 2010 census.  For a few years the school’s student population exceeded 6,500, making it the largest high school in the United States.  It was so overcrowded that Lunch periods began as 9:00 AM.  Today the student population is a more manageable 3,200.

Of course, I videoed the halftime performances of both bands – which I present here.  I haven’t made a boring terrific marching band post in a long while!   😉

First was the visiting Everglades band.  I thought they did a fine job musically but they certainly need more marching practice.  Several kids appeared to not have a clue about how they were supposed to get to their spots, wandering about aimlessly then rushing into their spot in line late.  Well, at least they knew where they were supposed to end up!

Flanagan’s band was much larger, with many more color guards and rifle throwers (?).  Their performance was more like a musical stage show (but on a very huge stage).  I think the theme was the Zombies video games.  They will be doing the same show in National Competition in a few weeks.  I was impressed by the quality of their performance but I prefer traditional marching.

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In 1979 Fleetwood Mac released an album entitled Tusk, in which the title song reached 8th in the US charts, 6th in the UK and 3rd in Canada and Australia.  It is one of my favorites.  The marching band of the University of Southern California performed with Fleetwood Mac in the song, and ever since, the USC band plays Tusk at every football game.

This is a video taken at the field level during a performance a few years ago.  In the middle of the song they rush about, finally forming the letters USC.


This is the official Fleetwood Mac song video from 1979, made at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.  The USC band shows up about a minute and a half into the video.  In those days they wore the most Godawful ugly uniforms.


A bit of trivia:  Tusk is also played by the University of Alabama marching band at every home football game.  Know why?  The university is located in the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  😀

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Looking But Not Seeing

This post has a video of a marching band, but it is not about the marching band.  It’s about how we only see what attracts our interest or what we intend or expect to see.

Last month I went to a college football game at Florida Atlantic University’s new stadium.  Some of the videos and photos that I took at the game were included in a post to this Blog a few days later.

One of the videos that I didn’t include in the post was the FAU Marching Band’s Pregame show – because (1)  the band is not all that impressive and (2) the wind was so strong that it at times completely blew away the sound.

While taking the video my attention was solely on my camera’s tiny 2-inch monitor, trying to keep as much of the band in the monitor as it moved about the field.  When I transferred the videos from the SD card to my PC hard drive and watched the band’s pregame show I was disappointed by the major loss of sound during  the middle portion of the show when the wind had really picked up.  Also, the National Anthem was sung by a young lady while the band stood at attention making for a significant period with nothing happening.  Again, while watching the video my attention was solely on the band.

Initially, I was going to just delete the video.  But then I decided to load it into my Roxio movie editing program and cut out the blah middle portion – which I did.  It was when I viewed the final product that I realized that all along I had been looking but not seeing what I think was the neatest thing going on during the show.

Here is the video.  When you watch, notice about 20 seconds into the video a group of cheerleaders clad in white jumpers with red side stripes run onto the field in the foreground just outside the sideline.  The performance put on by these girls was quite impressive – and I had been totally unaware of them until the final edit of the video.

This experience reminded me of a Psychology lecture in college long ago in which the professor gave us this visual test of how our minds process visual information.

Look at the following photo for 3 or 4 seconds, then turn away and repeat aloud (or sub-vocalize if not alone) what you saw on your monitor – then read below the photo.

According to the professor, over 90% of the people tested read “Paris in the Spring”, which of course is not correct.  Even after being advised that they were not correct, many looking at the phrase again still could not find their error.  They had to be told that “the” was in the phrase twice before they could see it.  This test was designed to demonstrate that we “see” what we expect to see, given the context or environment – not necessarily what is there.

Full disclosure:  I failed the first time – but when told that I was wrong I was able to see the second “the” when I looked at the phrase again.


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LMFAO Party Anthem

I found this hilarious YouTube video of the University of Ohio Marching Band’s production of the LMFAO Party Anthem during their football game halftime show last weekend – and I just had to share!  These guys are a real hoot!

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