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Picture Post – August 26

I recently purchased a new camera – a 24.3 megapixel Sony @6000, which is a new-fangled mirror-less equivalent to a DSLR – but much lighter because its sensor performs what DSLRs do with mirrors and prisms.  Like a DSLR it can use different lenses.

Recently, I took my new ‘toy’ to a Miami Marlins baseball game to take some stop action photos.  In continuous mode it can take 19 photos a second.  With a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second in continuous mode I was able to freeze action.

In olden times (when I was a young’n) one attended a sporting event to watch the game.  Nowadays, sports fans must be entertained every moment – there can be no idle time except for within the game itself.

In between every half inning weird and crazy stuff goes on.  There are mascot races, fan contests, ‘Kiss Cams’, tee shirt launches, dancers atop the dugouts, cheerleaders etc. etc.

Between several innings a group of very athletic youngsters come out onto the field and do a tumbling, dancing and cheer leading routine.  I captured this little part of the act.








I did use the word ‘weird’, didn’t I?  They’re supposed to be sea creatures racing.  I believe I can recognize the octopus and the shark.  As for the other two, who knows? Incidentally, that is a bar behind the outfield fence – which actually has a swimming pool!



Batter fouled the ball straight down and it bounced up and hit him in the chest

Reds Hit 02

Reds Hit 01



Visiting team batting practice pitcher






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Still Kickin’

Yup!  I’m still here – and my days are still a’dwindling down!

Truth be told, the word ‘dwindling’ hardly describes how I perceive time passing.  It implies only a gradual progression.  ‘Hurdling’ would appear to be more appropriate.  It is scary!

And yet, I still feel so very young – both physically and mentally.  I’ve yet to feel  my first old man’s ache or pain.  And I am still quite capable of running around and jumping up and down!.  Here I am two months ago at 77 1/2 shooting hoops – not too bad for an old coot!  My vertical jump must be at least 3 inches!!  🙂


But, alas – I am well aware that, however much I am in denial, decline is inevitable!  😦

I feel badly that I haven’t posted in so long.  My intentions were to get back to regular posting.  I even paid the $80 required to maintain the bandwidth used for uploaded media and for the Blog itself.  But -been busy-busy-busy.  Still am, but will make an effort to resurrect this Blog.

The last two posts contained photos of vintage Packard autos taken at the car museum in Ft. Lauderdale.  The purpose of the trip, however, was to photograph car parts for our Camera Club’s themed competition.

Here are some that I took. There are many more uploaded to my Flickr site  here.











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Picture Post – More Awesome Autos

I’ve been editing the photos I took at the Antique Car Museum.  Grr…. I have 43 photos of auto details that I feel are worthy of being selected to enter in February’s competition.  That’s the good thing.  The bad thing is that I can select only two!  Oh well, I have almost two weeks to decide.

In the meantime, I thought I would post more photos of the fantastic old cars at the museum.  How sad, though!  Now-days all cars look alike.  One can’t tell  luxury vehicless from  inexpensive cars and not a one evidences class, style or quality.


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Awesome Autos!

Last week our Camera Club took a field trip to the Ft. Lauderdale Antique Car Museum, located in Ft. Lauderdale (of course!).  😀   The theme of our February competition is Car Details, so the trip was a timely one.

The museum is a reproduction of a Packard showroom from the 1920’s with antique Packards going back over a hundred years, all in awesome condition, and all in full working order.  In its day the Packard was the Rolls Royce of American automobiles.

The 28,000 square foot building not only contains those fabulous vehicles but it also is stocked with thousands of pieces of memorabilia – old dashboard clocks, hood ornaments, carburetors, period side lamps, custom gear shift knobs, etc., etc. from all makes of cars.

I spent a lot of time taking close up photos of of all kinds of car details and will have a difficult time selecting the two that I will enter into competition.  But I couldn’t resist also taking shots of the autos themselves.  Here are a few – just a small sample – the word ‘awesome’ is hardly adequate to describe them.



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Hands and CookooBird Bikers

Ye Gods – no post since September!  Well, as the old saying goes:  “Time flies when you’re having fun.”  In truth, it also flies when one is not having fun!  So I’ve discovered.

True, I have been busy with my Camera Club activities, my new social life, and entertaining visitors.  But, despite good intentions to get back to posting, it seemed that whenever I got some leisure time I would either be too lazy to post or use the time to catch up on my reading.

And I have just now discovered that WordPress changed the posting process – rather confusing, but I shall soldier on!

I intend to write in the future about some of the things that have happened since my last post but this post relates to the weird title above.

First – Hands

The theme for my Camera Club’s January competition was hands.  Actual judging will take place tomorrow, January 20.  I was not very enthused about this theme but I suppose it helps one to improve one’s skills trying different things.  I took many photos of hands – both mine and those of others – and finally settled on entering the following two in the competition.  Frankly, I’m not very enthused about them.

The first photo is of my own hand.  I placed a black foam board against the back of a dining room chair for the background and set my camera up on a tripod a foot in front of the chair.  Then, after I set the camera aperture, ISO and shutter speed to fit the lighting and depth of field I wanted, I set the timer to 10 seconds; leaned way over so that my hand would be approximately where I intended it to be when the photo was taken; pressed the shutter button half-way to set the focus on where my hand was; pressed the shutter button fully to start the 10 seconds; rushed behind the chair and and posed my hand holding two dice in front of the foam board – and waited for the shutter to snap the photo.

It took a few tries before I was satisfied with the following:

Baby Needa a New Pair of Shoes

The second photo I chose was of two elderly ladies’ hands.  I enhanced the photo in Photoshop by posterizing – a process that thickens edges and overall adds emphasis to almost every feature.


Second, Cookoobird Bikers:

I couldn’t think of an appropriate word to describe a group of more than a hundred crazy bikers, who for the 2nd year in a row on Martin Luther King’s Birthday (National Holiday) staged a foolish and dangerous demonstration to encourage people to put down their guns and get on their bikes.  Nice thought, I suppose; it certainly is a good thing to discourage violence – – but I’ll let this video I made from part of a local newscast show what craziness was going on in South Florida yesterday.

A wee bit of the top of the TV screen unfortunately doesn’t show in the video because I had my camcorder on the kitchen table in my breakfast nook aimed at my little kitchen TV and didn’t realize it wasn’t quite high enough to capture the entire screen.

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Story Behind the Header Photo

The photo up top is one of my favorites – mainly because it took a lot of courage from yours truly to capture.  🙂

I spent Christmas day of 2009 at the condo of my nephew’s son’s in-laws, located in a high rise on the Julia Tuttle Causeway which crosses Biscayne Bay from Miami Beach to downtown Miami.  The condo, as I recall, on the 11th floor, has a tiny balcony which faces northeast towards the upper portion of Miami Beach – a beautiful view.  But I’m not fond of heights and this particular balcony made me especially squeamish.  The barrier came barely above my waist – that, plus the balcony floor was only a thin slab of concrete sticking out from the building with nothing beneath it.  I admit it – I’m a weanie!  I really wanted nothing to do with that balcony.

But the view was so fantastic I had to take some photos.  So I gathered up some spine and ventured out onto the balcony.  Staying a ways back from the barrier I took several single shots as well as three overlapping photos spanning about 140 degrees which I intended to merge into a panorama using Photoshop.  Here is the result:

Panorama-Miami Beach

You have to click on it to see it enlarged to fully appreciate the view.  A double-click blows it up even larger allowing closeup detail via scrolling.

When I turned around to reenter the condo, however, I noticed that to the left a narrow slice of downtown Miami could be seen between the building you can see on the left in the above panorama and our building.  Cowardliness be damned, I had to capture that view!  I went over to the end of the balcony and leaned way over the front barrier, stretching my arms out as far as I could, camera in hand, in order to grab as much of the Miami skyline as possible – all the while in my mind I was visualizing myself leaning over so far that I would topple over the edge and drop eleven floors.  But – Ta Da!  I survived, and here is the original uncropped version of the one shot that my nerves permitted me to take:

Miami Downtown Original

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More Festival Photos

As I wrote in the previous post I took lots of photos at the Renaissance Festival.  Here are some other than close-up face shots.

















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